As he suggested in an Instagram post published just after the defeat against José Rico and Rafa Mendez, Sanyo Gutiérrez played his last match with his nephew.

The Argentinian will have a new partner next season, probably Paquito Navarro, with whom he should reform the pair of seven years ago. And for this return to the Andalusian side, “El Mago” will have to find motivation again, he who showed great weariness at the end of the year. The one who has complained numerous times about the number of tournaments this season was completely exhausted last night.

Put in the fridge by Javi Rico and Rafa Mendez, the 39-year-old showed signs of annoyance with his nephew who was making a lot of mistakes, and a blatant lack of motivation. Reprimanded by his coach Claudio Gilardoni at the change of ends, the former number 1 was particularly angry as you can see in this heated exchange. Agustin, for his part, seemed a little lost…

Eventually, everything was back to normal, with Sanyo apologizing to his entire family, fans and coach in a post. The Argentinian will soon be able to rest: he only has one tournament left to play in 2023, the Master Final, which he should play on the left with Yanguas. The opportunity to find a little freshness?

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