With four titles in the last six tournaments of the World Padel Tour, Lebron and Galan are having a crazy end to the season.

While their main rivals are starting to take the hit in a very long year, Juan Lebron and Ale Galan are returning to their best level after having experienced a very complicated first part of the season between injuries and loss of confidence. Ale Galan even declared at one point that he was afraid of finishing 2023 without the slightest title.

But after unlocking their counter in Finland, the former number 1s began to regain color. Really finding their level in Düsseldorf, they then continued perfectly, so much so that they brandished four trophies in the last six tournaments of the World Padel Tour, bringing their total to five titles for this year. And it may not be over yet. Indeed, there are still two tournaments left on the WPT, including the Master Final, and a competition on the Premier Padel (P1 from Milan).

With a newfound appetite and sensations, Jorge Martinez's players intend to continue playing referees in the fight for first place between the duos Coello / Tapia and Di Nenno / Stupaczuk. Two duos that they once again dominated in Menorca, and in style. We let you appreciate this with the videos below.


Do you think the Spaniards will continue their momentum in Mexico, Milan and Barcelona?

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