Assimilated French number 10, Wendy Barsotti, looks back on her defeat in the first round of the Greenweez Paris Major with Élodie Invernon, and discusses its future ambitions.

Throwback to a complicated match

“It's an exceptional event to play on the Philippe-Chatrier for the first women's edition. We will remember it for a long time. We had a difficult start, and a first set that slipped through our fingers. Then there were chances in the second set, which left us with a lot of regrets. We break at 3-2, and we go straight back to 0-30, without being able to hang on at that moment. It comes down to details.

"Once the match is over, we are frustrated, but we had a great time. In the end, we say to ourselves that we can ensure, but that there is still work to do, especially on the important moments.

The importance of the coach

“The coach helps us a lot tactically. He will read things that you cannot see on the ground. For example, at the start of the match, we didn't lob well. Xavi directly told us in the middle of the first set to lob very high. It saved us time.”

A difficult but positive development

“I got injured last year in September when I had just arrived in Spain. It was very hard to be off for 4 months. I asked myself a lot of questions. Despite everything, I hung on, with very good rehabilitation and hard training, the work paid off.”

“We are lucky with Élodie to be friends off the pitch. It facilitates the relationship, even if there are ups and downs. We evolve together and we are very proud to be able to experience moments and tournaments like these.”

Barsotti Invernon Greenweez Paris Major 2023

The choice of wild-cards

“In girls, I found the choice of Jessica and Lucille (Editor's note. Ginier-Barbier and Pothier) very just. They have an excellent level of play. We are lucky to be a 100% team in a professional project, and that has certainly favored us. There have been a lot of sacrifices and involvement this year, I think it's deserved. "

Among the boys, I tend to agree with everything that is said. My heart ached for Dorian and Thomas (editor's note: De Meyer and Vanbauce) because they were so involved. I hope they manage to bounce back and move forward despite everything.”

A return to the France team?

wendy barsotti team france

“Léa and Alix will be present, Lucille and Jess as well. We are a group of eight girls fighting for the last four places. We will see what the coach chooses to do. In any case, I hope to be there.”

Amance Redondy

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