If you are a regular reader of Padel Magazine, you obviously know the series At the heart of padel, which features Paul Daulan and follows his evolution in the academy Padel Stuff from Bilbao. Under the leadership of Andoni Bardasco, the Palois was able to work in depth and correct the majority of his flaws as an amateur player.

The good news is that once this first season of At the Heart of the padel finished, there will be a second! And you can become the protagonist! Indeed, Padel Stuff opens a place for an intern who would like to train in Spain and become the new main actor of the series. One condition: to be a coach padel or want to become one.

A unique opportunity to be trained by a former professional player in Bilbao is offered to you, but be careful the competition may be tough, since the academy will choose what seems to be the best profile. So don't wait a second and send your detailed projects (reason why you want to participate, level, age, availability, ambitions etc.) to the following email address:


Good luck to everyone !

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