The Brazilians prevailed in the match for fifth place against Belgium this morning at the Dubai World Cup 2022.

This is clearly not the dream competition for the Brazilians. Between the girls who thought they were qualified for the quarterfinals and who ultimately were not, and the boys who lost to Portugal at the end of the night, the tournament was complicated.

Nevertheless, the Seleçao teams did the work to finish in the best possible place. The girls, who dominated the Netherlands yesterday, rank 9th, while the boys finish in 5th place thanks to their victory against Belgium.

Indeed, after the pair Bergamini / S.Flores beat Deloyer / Montoisy 6/4 6/4, it was Lucas Campagnolo and Joao Flores who finished the job against Geens / Peeters: 6/2 6/4. Enough to end the competition with a little less bitterness…

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