End clap of these World Seniors Plus 2024 who gave us a very beautiful show throughout the week… and where the French shone. The French delegation was eagerly awaited at these Worlds, with lots of ambitions among the ladies and gentlemen!

Of course, we also had high expectations from the best nations in the world, Spain and Argentina. At men's, it was the highly anticipated and very exciting final. Among the ladies, on the other hand, Spain and Argentina having met in group matches, we did not find the two nations in the final!

It's time to give a quick recap of the results of these world championships!

Team meetings

Among the men, Spain and Argentina met for an explosive finale. The Spanish team was aiming for the hat-trick in these Worlds, after winning the first two editions in Malaga (2018) et Las Vegas (2022)

However, there will be no treble for the Spanish team, outclassed by a very good Albiceleste team. Hernan Auguste et Gaby Reca, who brought the first point to Argentina, had already played together from 2007 to 2011, and in 2002 they won the World Championships: they did it again, more than 20 years later.

For third place, it is the French team which leaves with the bronze medal after winning their match against Sweden !

The results of the team meetings:

In gentlemen:

  • 1st place: Argentina team.
  • 2nd place: Spain team.
  • 3nd place: French team.
World Championships Men’s Prize List

For the ladies, you were able to follow the meeting between France and Spain live on the FIP Youtube channel. The French were not able to do much against the double title holders. The Spanish confirmed their reign in women.

For third place, we found Italy and the Netherlands. The advantage has been taken by our transalpine neighbors. Italy therefore leaves with the bronze medal in the women's category.

In the ladies:

  • 1st place: Spain team.
  • 2nd place: French team.
  • 3nd place: Italian team.
Women's World Championships

At the Open

Alongside the team meetings, the Open took place. Several French pairs were engaged throughout the week and we found six of them in the final. Ultimately, France was able to obtain 5 gold medals in total (1 in men, 4 among women).

France is the most successful nation at the Open.

The results of the Open:

  • +55 years M : Francisco Javier Rodriguez / Ricardo Charfole (Spain).
  • + 55 years F : Helena Dahlstrom / Monica Lundqvist (Sweden).
  • +50 years M : Norberto Sager / Marcos Raya (Spain).
  • +50 years F : Catherine Lalanne / Alexia Dechaume (France)
  • +45 years M : Octavio Lara / Fabian Mujica (Mexico).
  • +45 years F : Peggy Maignen / Émilie Loit (France)
  • +40 years M : Per Hjalmarson / Johan Brunstrom (Sweden).
  • +40 years F : Julie Pécastaing / Amelie Détrivière (France)
  • +35 years M: Maxime Moreau / Adrien Maigret (France)
  • +35 years F : Mélanie Ros / Charlotte Soubrié (France)
Gwenaelle Souyri

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