It's a pretty crazy statistic, today is played the 12th final of the year on the World Padel Tour (in the Open and Master tournaments for men), and as always since the start of the season, we will be entitled to a new poster.

5 winners in 2020, 6 in 2021

It's a completely crazy season for the gentlemen, with a twelfth different poster in final today in Barcelona ! For the moment, 5 pairs have been crowned: Lebron / Galan (4), Belasteguin / Gutiérrez (3), Lima / Tapia (2), Capra / Sanchez, Ruiz / Stupaczuk. Today we are waiting for the sixth, it will be either Di Nenno / Navarro or Chingotto / Tello. Of the 11 tournaments played in 2020, 5 pairs were crowned. We are therefore in the same standards.

The difference this year is that the finals are never the same. 12th different final in Barcelona, ​​with 7 pairs who will have managed to climb to this stage of the competition. In 2020, they were 6, which does not change much yet. On the other hand, we had had:

  • 2 finals Lebron / Galan vs Lima / Navarro
  • 2 finals Lebron / Galan vs Belasteguin / Tapia
  • 2 Lebron / Galan vs Stupaczuk / Gutiérrez finals
  • 2 Lebron / Galan vs Chingotto / Tello finals

The common denominator is obviously the Lebron / Galan pair, who achieved 8 finals in 2020, up from 5 in 2021. With less domineering numbers 1, less likely to attend several similar posters on Sunday. But this diversity in the final, although it was a bit of a coincidence, still shows that many pairs are very close in terms of level this year. With tournaments being played in sometimes very different conditions, it is often the ones that adapt best from one week to the next that go the furthest.

Will we have a 13th new poster in Lugo? Not impossible!

All finals so far in 2021

  • Madrid: Belasteguin / Gutiérrez vs Ruiz / Stupaczuk
  • Alicante: Lebron / Galan vs Ruiz / Stupaczuk
  • Vigo: Belasteguin / Gutiérrez vs Di Nenno / Navarro
  • Santander: Lebron / Galan vs Gonzalez / Rico
  • Marbella: Lebron / Galan vs Lima / Tapia
  • Valladolid: Capra / Sanchez vs Chingotto / Tello
  • Valencia: Belasteguin / Gutiérrez vs Lebron / Galan
  • Las Rozas: Lima / Tapia vs Belasteguin / Gutiérrez
  • Malaga: Lima / Tapia vs Di Nenno / Navarro
  • Cascais: Lebron / Galan vs Chingotto / Tello
  • Cagliari: Ruiz / Stupaczuk vs Di Nenno / Navarro
  • Barcelona: Chingotto / Tello vs Di Nenno / Navarro


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