The pretemporada is in full swing on the World Padel Tour and the players train hard to arrive in top form during the recovery!

Improve muscle level

For many players, the pretemporada is an opportunity to improve physically, in order to arrive in better shape than last season. For many players, this begins with a increased strength. Indeed, a quality force work will have many beneficial effects on the practice of padel, such as being more stable, powerful on all your strokes, but also better handling matches and training, or protecting your joints.

Léa Godallier physical preparation squat padel



As we can see on his Instagram account, Javi Garrido, the current 31st in the WPT standings works hard on a basic exercise such as lifting it off the ground (with Trap Bar in his case), in order to be stronger of the posterior chain, and improve its sheathing.

To be as efficient as possible padel, especially on phases that require explosiveness, On combines force work with speed work, as we can see on this Instagram video by Franco Stupaczuk, which uses plyometry.

General work on polyarticular exercises allows players to strengthen over the whole body, in order to be stronger and less risk of injury. They can also help to gain mobility. Again, Javi Garrido connect the different exercises for a harmonious and balanced development!

Players who have been injured are also working hard to recover their physical condition and avoid recurrence. This is particularly the case of Nuria Rodriguez who suffered a big elbow injury at the end of the season and who does everything its possible to return to its best level !

Gain cardio and movement speed

Le padel is a sport very demanding in terms of heart rate, and it is therefore essential to be on top in terms of endurance and cardio. Thus, players use exercise bikes and treadmills to work their cardiovascular system, this is the case here of Juan Lebron who seems exhausted after his session on the mat !

- support are also fundamental in a sport such as padel. Good downforce will allow you to move better, to arrive further ahead of the balls and therefore to be able to play in better conditions. Sebastian Nerone, soon to be 45, plans to play his last season on the professional circuit continues to work on movement speed in order to arrive as comfortable as possible during the recovery.

You will understand, even if we do not not yet know exactly when the WPT will resume, this period is crucial for players who need to train hard (and smartly) to reap the rewards of all this preparatory work for the recovery !

If you too want to progress physically, keep in mind that even though gyms are currently closed in France, it is still possible to work efficiently at home, even with very little equipment ! Good luck !

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