Quarantine is not an excuse to remain inactive. Every day we offer you a session to do at home in order to arrive in great shape when resuming padel.

Today, we suggest that you come back to all the training sessions that we have offered you since the start of confinement, so that you can choose a session according to your needs.

  • Sheathing

Sheath 1

Sheath 2

  • Physical challenges

Squat Challenge

Pumps Challenge

Gainage Challenge (Béa Gonzalez)

Jump rope challenge

  • Challenges padel

Challenge padel 1 (Jorge de Benito)

Challenge padel 2 (Jorge de Benito)

  • Training padel

Training padel Sergio Alba

Training padel Jose Luis Salines 1

José Luis Salines training 2

José Luis Salines training 3

Bass Balls (Teresa Navarro)

Padel mattress (Stéphane Penso)

  • Muscle strengthening


Jumping rope

HIIT 1 (Lea Godallier)

HIIT 2 (Lea Godallier)

Bodybuilding Paletero 1 (Sergio Alba)

Bodybuilding Paletero 2 (Sergio Alba)

Bodybuilding legs 1 (Léa Godallier)

Bodybuilding legs 2 (Léa Godallier)

Bodybuilding legs 3 (Léa Godallier)

Bodybuilding legs 4 (Léa Godallier)

General physical preparation (Veronica Virseda)

Abs session (Juan Lebron)

  • Support / Responsiveness

Support / Responsiveness (Marta Ortega)

Supports (Sergio Alba)

Coordination (Sven Boele)

Responsiveness (Sven Boele)

  • Recovery

Hip mobilizations

Stretching (Alejandra Salazar)

  • Fun

Sport at home (Sébastien Julien)


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