Favorites Ale Galan and Juan Lebron qualified for the final of the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Masters. But nothing was easy for the numbers 1 who had to come back from a complicated situation against the “Superpibes”.

While struggling to win their serve throughout the early part of the first set, Stupa and Di Nenno were able to find the resources at the best time to break. They manage to conclude in stride and pocket the first round: 7/5.

The second set starts a bit the same way, with a Lebron and a Galan putting pressure on the Argentines. But this time, it is the Spaniards who manage to break. Logically, they stick to a sleeve everywhere: 6/4.

In the last act, the players of Mariano Amat start with a bang and lead 3/0, but Stupa and Di Nenno pick up again against all odds. We then say to ourselves that the two pairs will no longer let go, but once again the numbers 1 chain three games in a row to finish the job: 6/3.

After a little over 2h30 of play and a good number of incredible points, the favorites of the competition get out of the Di Nenno / Stupa trap and qualify for a new final.

Tomorrow is against Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia that Ale and Juan will have to fight!

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