This is an association that is off to a strong start: Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia qualified for the final of the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master!

Facing one of the surprises of the tournament, Ruiz/Rubio, the seeded number 2 did not go into detail with a victory after only 1h07 of play (6/2 6/3). Coello and Tapia will simply have been too strong for the Andalusians, who can still congratulate themselves on their tournament.

For their part, the Argentinian and the Spaniard, who have united to try to break the hegemony of Lebron and Galan, are clearly rising in power. After having to whip during their first round against Barahona / Garcia (7/6 7/6), Arturo and Agustin, in addition to performing, have shown themselves to be ever more effective over the course of the encounters.

Tomorrow, the two prodigies will play their first final together. And they will arrive with full of confidence, they who have still not lost a single set in the Emirates. A very big match will await them no matter what, since it will be either against the numbers 1 Lebron and Galan, or against another new pair already impressive: Di Nenno / Stupaczuk!

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