Last meeting of the day and it was the shock of these semi-finals: Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan met old friends Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. In this completely crazy match, Stupaczuk and Di Nenno get the last ticket to the final: 7/6(7) 6/0 en 1h47.

In the pre-match predictions, you had decided and 2/3 of you were thinking of a Juan LeBron and Alejandro Galan victory. Martin and Franco were able to beat the odds and won for the first time this season against the former world number ones.

Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, the miraculous

For Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, it was not necessary to commit the same mistakes as in Germany against the former world number ones. If we feel the superpibes more leggy than during the final in Düsseldorf, they are once again disturbed by the play of Juan Lebron and Ale Galan. They manage to save their first engagement on punto de oro, but they are the first to be broken in this meeting.

It was necessary to bury the dark memories of the last tournament for Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno. They will need two points of gold on the service of Lebron and Galan to manage to pick up the score in this first round. THE superpibes return to 4-4 in this first act. Once again, they found themselves with break points on their service game, but, thanks to heroic defenses, they warded off the danger and took the lead.

Against all expectations, these are the superpibes who have the first set points on the serve of Alejandro Galan. The danger is well averted by the former world number ones. The game is restarted. The two pairs face off in a decisive tie-break. The turning point is at 4-3 for Lebron/Galan, on a point that lasts, ends with a huge backhand foul from Galan, perfect until now. Each of the two teams manages to obtain set points, but the racket shakes each time. At the end of an unbearable tie-break, the Argentine pair came out on top: 7/6(7).

It all came down to… at the puntos de oro

The battle resumes with full speed for the four players and the Argentine pair continues to ride on their current good form to break first in this second act. Where they had fished the day before, facing Belluati/Ruiz, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno are imperial on the gold points. The Argentinians masterfully managed the important moments and took off in the second set: 3-0.

The games unfold in this second round, this time in favor of the superpibes. If, however, we have the impression that the two teams produce the same level of play, the management of decisive points remains the determining factor of this meeting. Of the three points of gold on the serve of Lebron and Galan, Stupaczuk and Di Nenno won… the three !

The bill is very severe at the end of the match. Few teams will be able to congratulate themselves on having inflicted a 6/0 on the team which flew through the 2022 season. Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno take their revenge against Lebron and Galan… on a final golden point.

This match had to end like this.


Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno will face each other to Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro. Still looking for their first victory, will Paquito and Fede manage to come up with the victory plans of the superpibes ? Answer on Sunday, after the ladies final.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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