This was the fifth confrontation between Ruiz/Tello and Navarro/Chingotto. If Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello won the debates (3 wins out of 4 matches), Paquito and Federico were able to break this dynamic by winning 6/3 6/3 in 1h23.

The good tactics of Chingotto/Navarro

Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro started this game very well with a premature break on their opponents' first service game. All with finesse and accuracy, the Spanish-Argentinian pair provokes mistakes from Ruiz and Tello, heartthrobs the day before the surprise pair Rubio/Arroyo. Chingotto and Navarro leave no space for Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello during the first four games of this meeting.

As soon as the game speeds up a little, Ruiz and Tello have an advantage. They return to their game, waking up the Dutch public in the process. Advantaged by the fast playing conditions in Amsterdam, Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello used it to avoid falling behind in the score. The latter erase 5-1 balls to stay in this first round.

If Paquito and Federico slow down the game, the number 5 seed gradually returns to the game and even offers himself four break points. The trend seems to have reversed in this match: extraordinary defense from Chingotto and the enthusiasm of Navarro make it possible to erase these four break points and take the first set. Final score: 6/3, after 45 minutes of play.

One serve above the hip and it's over

We expect a reaction from Ruiz and Tello, who we felt were in much better shape at the end of the first set. However, it is the Chingotto/Navarro pair who offer themselves the first possibilities of a break, from the start of the second act. Despite everything, Ruiz and Tello escaped, thanks to three tactical errors on the part of their opponents. The two giants are doing well as they are the first to break in this second set.

Far from being out of their match, Fede Chingotto and Paquito Navarro immediately returned to the score, erasing the break in the most beautiful way, with a sensational point, which will have merited Paquito taking out the guitar for the first time. his pocket. The faces of Ruiz and Tello become more and more tense as the second set progresses. Even in the attitude, we feel on one side Alex Ruiz extinguished, not very expressive and on the other side, a frustrated Juan Tello with very little success.

One more controversy over the World Padel Tour ?

One of the highlights of this second set remains the interruption, twice, of Paquito Navarro on Alex Ruiz's serve. Twice the service Captain America was above his hip. The referee ruled in favor of Navarro in both cases, frustrating Alex Ruiz. This can only recall the controversy that there was in Vienna...already between these two teams. A controversy that would have made Paquito intransigent, especially with Alex Ruiz?

This second set was nothing but a succession of frustrations for Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello who had started this second set so well.

Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro won this meeting: 6/3 6/3.


Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto qualify for their 5th final this season, all circuits combined. They will be keen to go for a first title, which eludes them for the moment.

They will meet the winners of the second semi-final, opposing Lebron/Galan and Stupaczuk/Di Nenno.

Hostilities will resume at 16 p.m., with the clash of the women's semi-finals, Triay/Ortega (TS2), opposed to Gonzalez/Brea (TS3). This meeting will be followed on the antennas of the Canal Plus group, first on Multisports, then on Canal Plus 360.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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