This Sunday was already the third consecutive final between Los Superpibes and the Coello/Tapia tornado. We are almost talking about a classic since the start of the season. The show was on the central Circus in Brussels. After a finish at the top among the ladies, the public witnessed an exceptional opposition among the gentlemen.

Coello and Tapia remain unsinkable

From the start, The Superkids are boosted and gain the upper hand. Coello and Tapia struggling to get into the game and are broken by the Argentines. The number ones in the Race remain in the wake of Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk and manage to come back to 5/5. As with the ladies, the first set is played as a tie-break. The level of play of Coello and Tapia goes up a notch, the Hispano-Argentinian pair seems untouchable and inflicts a 7/1 in the tie-break. Coello / Tapia advantage in the first leg.

Set 1 summary Brussels Coello Tapia

In the second set, Los Superpibes didn't give up and once again broke Coello and Tapia! This time, the Argentinians keep their advantage and race in the lead. The Hispano-Argentinian pair is jostled and struggles to cope with the Argentinian furia. Di Nenno and Stupaczuk return to a 6/3 all set. First set lost for Coello and Tapia since the start of the tournament.

Set 2 summary Brussels stupa di nenno

For the first time from Chile, Coello and Tapia are jostled. The last round is played. The two pairs go blow for blow. Los Superpibes do not abdicate. But once again Coello and Tapia are unsinkable. In a spectacular match, Coello and Tapia won in 2h10 7/6 3/6 6/3.

Coello : “We came out of a very complicated match. They offered us alternatives and we had to find solutions. I was hesitant at the start of the match but Tapia supported me. I have no words to describe what I feel. This is exceptional !"

Wall : “I would never have imagined this beginning of the year, it's madness. Thanks to Leo (Augsburger) and my cousin for training us since the beginning of the week. Now we are going to rest, we need it.”

Coello and Tapia get closer to Lebron and Galan

Lebron and Galan in the line of sight for Coello and Tapia

6 titles out of 6 tournaments played on the WPT. It's hard to describe the stratospheric start to the season for Coello and Tapia. Even when they are in conditions that do not favor them or they are heckled by their opponents, Coello and Tapia always win. Little by little the Hispano-Argentinian pair is getting closer to Lebron and Galan. Following their absence, number ones lose the 1000 points they won last year. With this new victory, Coello and Tapia have only 515 points difference with the kings of the circuit. The hunt for the throne is on! See you in Vigo.

Vincent Gallie

A fan of oval football, round ball but also racket sports, he was stung by the padel during his adolescence in Galicia. As comfortable in front of the camera as behind a microphone, Vince will be able to bring his vision and expertise as a fan of the little yellow ball.