Bastien Blanqué and Pablo Neria have confirmed their great performance this morning by winning in the second round of the preprevias of this WPT Cascais Master.

A mental victory for the Franco-Spanish pair against José Manuel Ortiz Llerena and Adrián Rodríguez: 7/6 (1) 7/6 (3).

This success allows Bastien and Pablo to play tomorrow at 10 p.m., in the final of the preprevias of this third Master of 2021. They will find facing them the number 1 seed of the preprevias, Jaime Muñoz Enrile (85) and Fran Ramírez Navas (99). Two players that we now know well in France, since they were finalists at the FIP Rise in Canet-en-Roussillon which took place last week.

Blanqué and Neria obviously do not start favorites on paper, but in view of the beautiful things shown today, we say to ourselves that they have something to play for! In any case, whatever happens tomorrow, we can say that these two players have achieved a very good first tournament together!

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