If among the gentlemen, the painting, between packages et surprise, could not be more open, among girls, the eight best pairs are well on the quarterfinals in La Rioja.

If it was difficult for some duos, the eight best pairs in the world will meet again this Friday in the quarter-finals of the La Rioja Open 1000.

The numbers 2 left a set on the way against Brea / Araujo, before starting a comeback, which ended with the abandonment of the Portuguese, hit in the calf. Final score: 6/7 6/4 5/2 abandoned in favor of Salazar/Triay.

The Llaguno/Iglesias and Las Heras/Virseda pairs also needed three rounds to defeat Merino/Alonso and Navarro/Martinez Lobo respectively.

The other pairs all won matches in straight sets, sometimes hung all the same, as for Osoro and Sainz, who required two tie-breaks to overcome young Caldera and Goenaga.

Find all the results of the day HERE.

Here are the quarter posters:

  • Salazar/Triay vs Riera/Icardo
  • Llaguno/Iglesias vs Alayeto/Alayeto
  • Ortega/Gonzalez vs Sainz/Osoro
  • Josemaria/Sanchez vs Las Heras/Virseda

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