It was a highly anticipated match, and it turned out in favor of the favorites. As our readers predicted, the Spaniards punch their ticket for the semi-finals.

Lebron and Galan are back! In this revenge of Premier Padel Roma Major, the players of Mariano Amat, after a failed first set, were able to regain confidence and impose their rhythm, as they did for three years.

Not confident in a first set during which he will have harvested a lot at the smash, Juan Lebron, still not 100%, was able to pull himself together when necessary. Fernando Belasteguin had an opposite trajectory. Omnipresent in the first round, especially on the “puntos de oro”, the Argentinian somewhat collapsed afterwards. Struggling physically, the 44-year-old couldn't keep pace with the three young players who shared the track with him. Too bad for Yanguas, who delivered a good game.

In the end, Ale and Juan win a game that they will have dominated, as you can see in the stats below, and make their big comeback together in the last four of a tournament!

Lebron and Galan are now awaiting the name of the pair they will face tomorrow. It will be either Chingotto/Navarro or Ruiz/Tello. Response from 16:00 p.m., on Canal Plus Sport 360 !

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