Following their defeat in the first round of World Padel Tour Mexico Open, Mapi and Majo Alayeto, lost the opportunity to play the Master Final together.

It would have been the perfect place to retire: a packed Palau Sant Jordi, with an audience able to celebrate the two former number 1s one last time.

But unfortunately for them, by losing to Canovas / Velasco in the round of 2023 of the Mexico Open, the twins let Veronica Virseda pass them in front of them at the XNUMX Race and now find themselves tied for sixteenth place. Immediately after the defeat, the players of Team Nox already knew what to expect as evidenced by this Instagram publication…

There will therefore be, as we have sometimes seen in previous years, a draw to see which of the twins will be able to compete in the competition. It is alongside Lucia Sainz that the one who will be chosen will evolve. A bit of luck in the misfortune of Sebastian Nerone's players since they are very close friends in life with the 39-year-old player.

We are therefore impatiently awaiting the draw to find out who, Mapi or Majo, will be able to compete in the “Masters tournament”.

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