What a game ! At the end of a meeting which lasted 2h26, Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto managed to validate their ticket for the semi-finals of the WPT Master Final 2023.

And yet, it got off to a bad start for Paquito and Fede who lost the first set. Dominated by Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello, Rodri Ovide's players seemed a bit in a bad day, especially Navarro, who seemed a little apathetic.

But a few winning shots put the Andalusian in the match, and when he “pulled out the guitar”, he was finally able to ignite this meeting.

From then on the debates became balanced and it was at the end of a real fight that the head of seed 4 was able to get the better of the head of seed 5. With 90 points won against 87 for their opponents, and a final score from 3/6 7/6 6/4, Gaby Reca's men qualify for the last four and extend their adventure together a little.

Paquito, who ended his association with Di Nenno with a title, dreams of doing the same with Chingotto. Can he achieve it? First of all, we will have to win in the semi-final, and whatever happens this will not be an easy thing against the winners of the match between the numbers 1 Coello and Tapia and Sanyo / Yanguas. A meeting that you can follow just after the second women's quarter of the day on Canal Plus Sport 360.

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