Franco Stupaczuk and Sanyo Gutierrez win their first track together on the World Padel Tour, thanks to their final of the Menorca Open.

For their first final together on the World Padel Tour, Sanyo Gutierrez and Franco Stupaczuk delivered a very solid performance, winning for the third time in as many confrontations facing Fernando Belasteguin and Agustin Tapia.

We expected a close meeting between two pairs with quite similar characteristics. From the start of the match, Sanyo and Stupa are very leggy, getting three break points on their opponents' first serve game, finally materializing in the “punto de oro”, on an unusual foul by Bela.

Fernando and Agustin will have two breakout opportunities on the next game, but a foul by Tapia at 30/40, and a winning exit from the glass by Sanyo at the “punto de oro” allow Stupaczuk / Gutierrrez to lead 3/0. Neither pair will get a new break point in this winning round 6/3 by Sanyo and Stupa, who will have better managed important points.

Not satisfied by this first set won, they put pressure on entering the second round, and push Bela / Tapia “au punto de oro”, who still manage to win their service. Certainly boosted by this first decisive point won, Fernando and Agustin show themselves sharper, breaking their opponents to conduct 3/1 serve to follow.

Very serene, Sanyo and Franco do not panic, and unbreak right away in an authoritative manner, each of the two players achieving two winning smashes in this game. The two teams will surrender one after the other, until white station wagon of Stupaczuk / Gutierrez, at 4/4, once again on the Tapia service.

We thought the meeting folded, but Bela / Tapia give everything and manage to unbreak, before conceding another white break on the next game. This time it's too much, and Stupaczuk / Gutierrez conclude with a new shutout: 6/3 7/5!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

A deserved victory for these two players who generally dominated the meeting. Franco Stupaczuk, who seemed a little inside lately, will have offered a very high level service, posing a lot of problems to his Argentinian counterparts in the diagonal, with his worked smashes and his changes of pace.

Sanyo Gutierrez, again excellent, recurrence in Menorca, where he won last year with Maxi Sanchez. First title for Stupa and Sanyo, who have been able to take advantage of a table without their pet peeve, Galan / Lebron, who have beaten them 4 times this season in as many confrontations.

Meet at Barcelona, ​​in two weeks, for the beginning of theEstrella Damm Barcelona Master, a tournament that promises to be hot

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