The battle for first place in the World Padel Tour still rages among the gentlemen, no offense to Nacho Palencia. Indeed, with only three tournaments left to play, four players can still finish at the top of the rankings.

1935 points ahead

Currently, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia are leading the Race 2023 with 15 points each. For their part, Martín Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk have 845 points each. In other words, the gap is 1 points before the Swedish tournament, and there are 3 points left to distribute before the end of the season (1000 in Sweden, 1000 in Mexico, and 1500 at the Master Final in Barcelona).

In Malmö, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia could end this battle by winning the Stupa tournament and Di Nenno lose in the semi-final or earlier. Indeed, in this case, the gap would be 2 points, with only 575 points left to distribute.


Stupa and Di Nenno clearly not masters of their destiny

If the Spanish-Argentinian pair win the tournament but Stupa and Di Nenno reach the final, they will then be 2 points behind their opponents, with another 335 points at stake. This means that Coello and Tapia will only need 2 additional points between the Mexican tournament and the Master Final to seal the debates. In other words, if Arturo and Agustín win in Sweden, the Superpibes are almost doomed.

On the other hand, if Stupa and Di Nenno manage to win the competition, they will reduce the gap with Coello and Tapia in this 2023 Race and will be able to reasonably continue to believe in it. There are still various possible scenarios that could allow the Superpibes to become world number one, but it no longer depends only on them. Indeed, if Coello and Tapia reach the final each time during the next three competitions, they will end the year on the throne of the World Padel Tour !

Lebron and Galan as referees?

And since pairs 1 and 2 can only meet each time in the final, Arturo and Agustín can lose three times against Franco and Martín and still finish the season on top...

You understand, the Argentines must play at their best level and hope for missteps from their rivals to hope to finish in first place. They can also count on the return to form of Lebron and Galan, who could act as referees at the end of the season. The numbers 3 could also find Coello and Tapia in the semi-final in Malmö for a rematch of the Menorca final.

You have understood, this end of the year 2023 promises to be exciting for the gentlemen!

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