Last season, the World Padel Tour proposed 27 tournaments, to which had to be added the eight planned by Premier Padel for a total of 35 tournaments. But this year, the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) absorbs the WPT and there will only be 25 tournaments. This means that several regions are losing their tournaments. padel professional. Overview.

A certain continuity

First of all, we notice that all the tournaments of Premier Padel from previous years have been retained. We will therefore always have the Majors of Qatar, Italy, France and Mexico, and the P1s of Madrid, Giza, Milan and Argentina.

Present last year on the WPT, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Paraguay, Chile, Sweden and Finland will have their Premier Padel in 2024. Small downside for our Swedish friends who had two events in 2023 and who will only have one this season. On their side, the Netherlands will organize another major event this season (P1) but it is the city of Rotterdam which was chosen instead of Amsterdam. Same thing in France where the Bordeaux P2 replaces the Toulouse Open and in the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai takes the place of Abu Dhabi.

Several losers...

Andalusia, which had three WPT tournaments in 2023 (Malaga and Granada Open, Marbella Master) will be entitled to two dates (a P1 and a P2) but we do not yet know which cities will be chosen. Mexico is also moving from three to two stages.

In the end, the real losing countries are Austria and Denmark who see their only competition not renewed. Spain is losing two-thirds of its stages and emblematic cities like Valladolid or Valencia will not organize a major tournament next season! Argentina, despite being the biggest supplier of players in the men's Top 10, will be entitled to only one stage, compared to three last year...

The winners of this new calendar are Italy, which goes from two events to three, as well as Kuwait, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, which will organize a top-tier tournament for the first time.

We therefore see that the desire to internationalize the official FIP circuit is mainly to the detriment of the two nations which crush the competition at the sporting level: Spain and Argentina. The price to pay for trying to create vocations outside of these two countries?

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