The last tournament of the regular season World Padel Tour ended this Sunday in Mexico and here are the rankings before the Master Final, closing tournament of 2023, which will take place at the Palau Sant Jordi, in Barcelona.

For the ladies, there has been a big change since last week since Veronica Virseda walked past the Alayeto sisters, who find themselves tied for sixteenth position with 3840 points. This means that unless a player withdraws, there will be a draw to see who, Mapi or Majo, will be able to go to Barcelona. A real blow for the twins who are retiring and would have dreamed of finishing together at the Master Final... In all likelihood, the one who will be drawn will team up with Lucia Sainz, whose partner, Patty Llaguno, finished eighteenth.

  • 1. Ariana Sanchez
  • 1. Paula Josemaría
  • 3. Gemma Triay
  • 4. Bea González
  • 5. Delfi Brea
  • 6. Marta Ortega
  • 7. Alejandra Salazar
  • 8. Tamara Icardo
  • 8. Virginia Riera
  • 10. Sofia Araujo
  • 11. Claudia Jensen
  • 12. Jessica Castello
  • 13. Aranzazu Osoro
  • 14. Lucia Sainz
  • 15. Veronica Virseda
  • 16. Mapi Alayeto
  • 16. Majo Alayeto

Among the men, it was very hot until the end, since Leo Augsburger had the possibility of overtaking Coki Nieto in the event of victory in the final. But Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia destroyed the Argentine's dreams with a 6/4 6/2 victory. Nieto will therefore be very present in Catalonia.

  • 1. Arturo Coello
  • 1. Agustin Tapia
  • 3. Franco Stupaczuk
  • 3. Martin DiNenno
  • 5. Ale Galan
  • 6. Juan LeBron
  • 7. Fede Chingotto
  • 8. Paquito Navarro
  • 9. Momo González
  • 10. Jon Sanz
  • 11. Sanyo Gutierrez
  • 12. Alex Ruiz
  • 13. Javi Garrido
  • 14. Juan Tello
  • 15. Miguel Yanguas
  • 16. Coki Nieto

As you see, Miguel Yanguas and Sanyo Gutiérrez each find themselves without a teammate, so they will play together in Barcelona. Which of the two will evolve on the left? Definitely Sanyo if Yanguas' words are to be believed!

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