This is the big topic at the end of the season: the fight for first place in the rankings World Padel Tour in gentlemen.

If Coello and Tapia have a comfortable lead, 1695 points with more than 2500 points to distribute, they are not yet guaranteed to end the year on the throne. The players of the Crosetti / Pratto / Martin trio, less prolific at the end of the season, can still see the super kids cap them on the post.

But for that, the current numbers 2 will have to at least win one of the following two tournaments, and hope for missteps from their rivals. Indeed, even if they managed to win the Mexico Open and the Master Final, Pozzoni's players would not finish first if Arturo and Agustin were eliminated both times in the semi-finals. In other words, it looks very complicated!

And our readers understood it, since during our instagram poll, only 16% of them voted for the comeback of Stupa and Di Nenno.

Will the Argentinians be able to make them lie?

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