Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk win their first title together on the World Padel Tour thanks to their victory in the Sardegna Open final against Navarro / Di Nenno.

This is a great first for Alex Ruiz who for the first time is crowned on a WPT Open or Master. It comes at the end of a week during which Carlos Pozzoni's players will have shows a big mind!

Alex Ruiz Franco Stupaczuk semi final victory Sardegna Open WPT 2021

For Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno this is the third final lost in 2021. Rodri Ovide's men will have shown good things, with in particular more winning points than their opponents. But by winning only one punto de oro, against 6 for their opponents, it was too complicated to win today.

After losing the first set 2/6, Paquito and Martin went back to war, and despite all those decisive points, they were able to snag a tie-break in the second set. A decisive game during which they were able to take the service of their opponents and put themselves in a good position to snatch a third set. But once again, Ruiz and Stupa were able to raise their level of play and not make mistakes when points were worth the most.

A final 6/2 7/6 victory deserved in view of the strength that this pair will have demonstrated throughout the tournament. Before going to Barcelona, ​​the two friends will be able to celebrate this first!


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