It's still moving on the World Padel Tour with the announcement of a new pair consisting of Carolina Navarro and Claudia Jensen.

We were talking about it recently, with the announcement of the separation of the pair Carolina Navarro/Eli Amatriain, there were going to be other moves on the WPT. So that's it Claudia Jensen and Carla Mesa announce their separation and in the process, the young Argentinian international declares that she will now evolve alongside the 23rd player in the world, Carolina Navarro.

Experience and youth, that's how we can qualify this new pair. Indeed, Navarro, 48, will try to bring all his experience as a former world number 1 to the young Claudia Jensen, who embodies the future of the padel world from the height of its 17 years! On paper, this is obviously a promising mix.

This therefore closes the Jensen/Mesa stage, an association which will have worked well with in particular two quarter-finals and a semi-final in the Open under the leadership of Jorge de Benito.

Now remains to be seen if Carla Mesa and Eli Amatriain will team up or if we will see other changes. Answer in the next few days!

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