Yann Auradou, coach of young French players with Yannick Maurel at the 2023 Junior World Cup, looks back on the quarter-final which is being prepared against Sweden.

The good surprise: Peloux / Bernard!

“We finished first in the group, it’s the first time among the juniors. We were seeded 2, we beat Italy who were seeded 1.

The good news is the u14s Johan Peloux and Quentin Bernard. We didn't have too many benchmarks in relation to the international level with them, and for the moment they are showing us that they had the level, they have not yet lost a match.

The u16s Yohan Boronad and Timéo Fonteny provided more guarantees but they still had to win their matches, and that is what they have done for the moment.

Concerning the u18s, they have faced good teams each time, a bit of a shame this defeat against Belgium by leading 6/5 in the third, but we are once again counting on them not to give up today against Sweden. “

Do it again against Sweden?

“We beat Sweden last year at the European Championships but it might not be the same players. We know that they are very strong in u18, less so in u16, and in u14 we don't really know. It might be hot. Looking forward to 17:00 p.m. (21:00 p.m. in France)! “

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