As the world's best players prepare to make their big comeback, the FIP looks back in figures on a record year 2023 for it.

A predominantly male competition

In total, no less than 6 players will have participated in more than 000 events between Premier Padel, FIP Tour and FIP Promises.

Among adults, there were 4 players from 874 different countries: 72 were women (1% of the total) and 362 were men (28%). Among youth, 3 athletes participated in at least one tournament.

Spain as the leading supplier of players

On the country side, we see that 11 nations had more than 100 players registered in the different circuits throughout the year. At the top of the ranking is Spain, with 1 athletes, or around a third of the total.

The second place is occupied by a rapidly growing country, Italy, which contributed 433 players to the tournaments. Argentina closes the podium with 330 athletes. Chile (199 players) and Brazil (186) also stand out in the top 5 most represented countries; among African countries, Egypt is in the lead (146), in sixth place ahead of France (141) and Mexico (134); among Asian countries, Japan stands out in ninth place (109). The Netherlands (104) complete the top 10.

Spain always…

Regarding the ranking, we notice Spain also dominates. In the first 100 places in the men's category, there are 71 Iberian players; of them, 31 occupy the top 50 places and 9 are among the top 20.

Argentina, although less represented, also provides top athletes, with 17 players ranked in the top 100 (14 of them are also in the top 50 and 9 are also in the top 20).

Five Italians, three Brazilians, two Frenchmen, a Chilean and a Swede are also among the best. The trend is the same in the women's category, where the Spanish athletes among the first 100 amount to 76 (including 15 among the first 20). They are followed by 7 Italians, 5 Argentines, 3 Portuguese, 2 French, Brazilians and Dutch, and there is a player for Sweden, Russia and Belgium.

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