As we told you in a previous post, Spain has showed its domination during the 2023 World Cup in Paraguay. A tournament which saw European nations do very well overall, with three appearances in the Top 5 for both boys and girls.

France, a little behind, will still have shown that it is one of the best current nations, with a sixth place for girls, and an fifth place for boys. Results consistent with those of the senior teams, who respectively finished third (men) and seventh (women) at the last Adult World Cup.

Final competition ranking by nations



Open winners

In the Open, the Spanish teams were also dominant, with six titles in u14 and u16, and u18! The Brazilian, on the other hand, will have made a double during the u12 competition. Should we expect to see young Brazilians on the roof of the world in ten years?

  • u12 girls: Rafaela Martins – Martina Nilson (BRA)
  • u12 boys: Eduardo Casagrande – Murilo Alves (BRA)
  • u14 girls: Covadonga Bermejo – Paula Ferrán (ESP)
  • u14 boys: Nicolás Fernández – Aarón García (ESP)
  • u16 girls: Alejandra Alonso – Laura Luján (ESP)
  • u16 boys: Juan Zamora – Francisco Cabeza (ESP)
  • u18 girls: Andrea Ustero – Águeda Pérez (ESP)
  • u18 boys: Guillermo Collado – Marcos González (ESP)

On the French side, we obviously welcome the bronze medal for Kimy Barla and Lou Lambert-Agosti in the u16 girls!

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