While le Premier Padel Riyadh P1 is playing now in Saudi Arabia, the FIP focuses on this Asian country which has almost a third of the continent's tracks.

Le padel is booming in Asia. Although it has only been present for a few years and not yet in all countries (it is still present in almost two thirds of Asian countries), there are 1 clubs and more than 200 tracks. padel on the continent, with a very strong presence (around 85%) in the Middle East.

Padel Saudi Arabia

Since 2022, the Saudi Committee of padel – the Saudi federation of padel – is affiliated with the FIP, and Saudi Arabia is the Asian country with the largest number of clubs, more than 320, most of which are affiliated with the Committee, and tracks, around 900, or almost 30% of the facilities throughout Asia. According to the FIP research and data analysis department, there are approximately 300 fans of padel in Saudi Arabia. The province where the padel The most practiced is Riyadh (nearly 40% of clubs), followed by the Eastern Province and that of Mecca.

The Saudi Committee of padel has nearly 1 professional licenses: four women have FIP ranking points (Raghda Binwathlan and Rana Alsheri, Sara Mohammed Salhab and Rana Alshehri) and 000 men, among them Sattam Alshahrani, number 12 in the ranking and the only Saudi player to have won a qualifying round for a FIP tournament, the FIP Star Riyadh in June 770. The other eleven are Fahad Sulaiman Al Saad, Faisal Alrebdi, Omar Althagib, Salman Alshahrani, Abdullelah Alqhtani, Abdulrahman Alhabeeb, Abdulrahman Aljebreen, Fahad Alsubaie, Marwan Almulhim, Mohammed Al Subaie and Rakan Alshahrani.