Playing padel has many benefits, besides the pleasure, a better physical form, etc. There are things you will only discover when you take a racket, you get on a field, and you start to hit balls, run like crazy when the ball hits the wall or fight to put the maximum effect in your ball.

  1. Your wrists and knees exist.

Your wrist is essential for successful strikes, handling your racquet, avoiding injuries or even protecting yourself from bullets. Knees are important for changes in pace and direction, that is, reaching the ball without having to jump like Rambo.

  1. Your eye has improved.

What you learn when playing padel is that your sight is really amazing. It does not matter whether you are looking elsewhere or that the ball has not even touched the ground: you have already seen it good or bad, depending on the situation.

No need for discussion or replaying the point.

This sight worthy of a lynx, which allows to visualize all the possible angles of the ground, is obtained only within a field of padel.

Of course, the eye is also the sense of anticipation. Knowing how to read the trajectories is acquired over time ... So do not panic if at first it's not easy!

  1. The friendship lasts until the end.

This sport helps you understand how important friendship is. All players have laughs at the padel until the game becomes serious. And there, no more neighborhood.

After the game, depending on the type of padel player you are, the friendship returns and everything is fine. But while we play, there are no more buddies out there.

  1. Sell ​​the skin of the bear before killing it.

Typical padel moment: you get an easy ball, you think it's definitive, because you've used your lynx eye, your competitive spirit, your wrists, your knees ...

It's funny and you know it. Your shot has everything: effect, speed, placement ... And you celebrate it. You scream. You turn around. You raise your fist. You look at your partner. You feel strong, unbeatable, proud. You know that you have won.

But no.

The opponent, against all odds, out of nowhere a new move that, perhaps, would be nothing in normal times, and any player could have finished the point with relative ease.

A classic padel, because padel nothing is impossible!

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour is passionate about paddle. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of the padel to offer us articles always very interesting.