Great catch for Kuikma who sees the Belgian number 1 in the international ranking, Clément Geens (139 FIP), join his team.

The only Belgian player to have played in a round of 16 on the World Padel Tour (it was in Amsterdam last season, with a certain Benjamin Tison), Clément Geens joins to strengthen the group's brand team Decathlon starting this season.

It is in some ways a logical continuation for the native of Uccle, who already wore the colors of Artengo (another brand of the French group) when he played tennis.

Questioned by us, Fred Oudeville, product manager Kuikma Padel, was very happy with this new collaboration:

“We are delighted to welcome Clément to the Kuikma team.

What is most important for us is that Clément corresponds exactly to the player profiles we are looking for: he is professional, motivated and we share the same values.

He also has confidence in the quality of our products. It was even his number 1 selection criterion. The desire to collaborate must always be in both directions.

We believe in him. Clément is a very good player with great physical qualities and used to heavy training loads. He is evolving and we have confidence in him: he has a lot of room for improvement.

Finally, it is a pride to have the Belgian number 1 in the team. Belgium is a very important market for us. It is a racquet sports country and the padel is booming there. I am sure that this will help to give confidence in Kuikma to all Belgian players. 

If the best one likes our products and wins with our products…”

The 27-year-old has already set his sights on the Kuikma LS Pro, Lucia Sainz's signature pala, also ridden by Ivan Ramirez.

Stay tuned because Clément will soon explain to us (among other things), why he chose this pala within the important Kuikma range!

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