This Wednesday, the FIP decides to devote the front page of its website to a country where padel has seen incredible growth in recent years: Sweden.

The second place of the men's team at the last Junior World Championships Padel of the FIP in Asunción (Paraguay) is not the result of chance. Likewise, the growth of padel in Sweden, which will host this week the FIP Rise Betsson Sweden II and the FIP Promises Sweden II, is not a random phenomenon.

Data from the FIP research and analysis department shows that Sweden is the fourth country in the world in terms of clubs and grounds of padel, the third most in Europe after Spain and Italy. There are in fact more than 1 installations (of which 050 are affiliated to the Swedish Federation of Padel) and 4 playing fields, with a ratio of one field for every 200 inhabitants, which places Sweden only behind Andorra (one field for every 2 inhabitants).

In Sweden, there are an estimated 600 amateur players, of which 000 – according to data from the Swedish Football Federation Padel – hold professional licenses (67% men, 33% women) and 800 young people.

Last year, no less than six FIP Tour tournaments took place in Sweden, all in the Rise category, including one for women, with a total of 99 Swedish players in the field. On social networks, it is estimated that there are around two million Swedish fans of padel. A boom that knows no limits.

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