After having experienced a delicate week between Jaén and Castellon, the French delegation hopes to bounce back near Gothenburg, where a FIP Rise is being played.

And for this Swedish tournament, many French people have decided to travel to participate in this tournament which begins this Wednesday, February 21.

At the garçons, we will of course follow Bastien Blanqué and Dylan Guichard, who form the 3rd seed in the competition and therefore represent the greatest chance of male success.

Philémon Raichman and Julien Seurin, who form pair number 12, will also try to do well. They will be closely followed by Dorian De Meyer / Thomas Vanbauce, pair number 18.

The two other French pairs present, Hugounenq / Vincent and Courrin / Gerson, will start with the qualifications.

At the girls, we will first follow three Franco-Portuguese pairs: Touly / Fernandes (TS3), Barsotti / Vilela (TS7) and Martin / Melo (pair 13).

Steffi Merah and Marie Rondot, who do not yet have any points on the international circuit, will have to go through previa.

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