Ale Galan was in Paris for a event at Casa Padel. The world No. 1 speaks at the microphone of Padel Magazine on the boiling news of padel .

Paris must have its major tournament

Padel Magazine : You are here in Paris. What do you think of the possibility of returning to the French capital for a major tournament?

Ale Galan:“I would be very happy. I think the padel grows a lot. I see the facilities here at Casa Padel, and how all tracks are full. Paris should have a major tournament, and we players should be able to enjoy this tournament.”

Padel Magazine : You will come in any case this season for the WPT during the Human Padel Open. This will be your first tournament in France.

Ale Galan:“I know the WPT held a Challenger here a few years ago, although I didn't play it. Now is the time to elevate the sport, and place France as the main country to host major events.”

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Playtomic is experiencing great growth

Padel Magazine : How did the relationship between Playtomic and you begin?

Ale Galan:“We have been in touch for years. I was one of the first to follow this project. Playtomic is doing a great job because the growth doesn't stop. They really want to help the sport, and that's a philosophy we share. So we continue our work together.”

No connection with Lebron

Padel Magazine : Let's talk about the news. What can we say about these first two tournaments?

Ale Galan: “Miami was not a good result. It was not a good start to lose in the first round. This shows the level between the players. Everyone wants to win, and the matches are played out in detail. We failed to show our best level.”

“In Reus I think we played super well throughout the tournament, but in the final, and this is something that had never happened to us, we failed to connect with each other the whole game. . In such an important match as a final, neither of us was up to par. But in general, there are positive things from this tournament.”

Padel Magazine : What do you think of people who say that something has changed between Lebron and you?

Ale Galan: “People take advantage of these results, because we have not achieved our objectives. But I think there are positive things about the last tournament. In Miami, we didn't miss a connection either. We are still very motivated and we want to continue playing at our level.”

Objective Olympic Games

Padel Magazine : In two weeks, you will play the first tournament Premier Padel. What do you think of this circuit?

Ale Galan: “This is the current situation. We players want to grow our sport. Bring it to Paris, bring it to Doha, where this first tournament will be played. We bet on growth. I think this year will be full of padel and show. We are going to have a demanding schedule, but we have to adapt. We focus on the growth of padel so that our discipline can compete with the biggest sports in the world.”

Padel Magazine : Do you see a single circuit, or a possibility to play several circuits?

Ale Galan: “Our desire is that the padel can reach the best places on the planet. It's easier to do it under the aegis of the federation, because it will also allow us to become Olympic. It is a goal that all lovers of padel want to achieve.”

“The players we also want freedom. The freedom to choose what we want to play or not, and to be able to make our schedule. By unifying all the players, this will be the best solution for developing the padel. "

Le padel stronger than tennis despite Nadal

Padel Magazine : What ideas do you have to allow the padel to develop better?

Ale Galan: “We have to bet on the padel for young people. In Spain we already do it, but the other nations should do it too. You have to organize tournaments, for example the tournament in Egypt which was a success. This must be done everywhere in the world. We want young people to be able to benefit from all the work we do now. the padel is very social, and everyone can get to know him. In Spain, the padel beats tennis at the federal level. It's incredible when you know that in Spain there is still a star like Rafa Nadal.

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