The last square of Grand Master of Mar del Plata will be hot. On the program, a final before the hour, preceded by a shock of the outsiders.

Outsiders on the prowl

Chozas/Oliveira and Julianoti/Melgratti have a golden opportunity to secure a spot in the most important APT season finale Padel Round. Even if these two pairs have not yet really convinced, the talent of the four men is undeniable and will certainly offer a spectacular match.

The match will start at 18 p.m. (23 p.m. in France). Alex Chozas has the opportunity, at only 19, to qualify for a second final after the one played at the Tenerife Open.

18 p.m. (23 p.m. in France) – Alex Valentino Chozas / Miguel Fonseca Oliveira vs Julio Julianoti /Yain Melgratti Seu

The final before time

Dal Bianco/Arce and Allemandi/Aguirre are now the two best pairings in theAPT Padel Tour, Alfonso and Chiostri not having been able to follow the infernal rhythm of their compatriots.

TS1 and TS3 will face off again in a match that looks like the final. Dal Bianco / Arce has the opportunity to win the tournament which would give him the points to end the year quietly in place of No. 1, while Tolito and Tito want to break this hegemony. The latter also have the possibility of winning their twelfth consecutive meeting on the APT Padel Tower !

19:30 p.m. (00:30 a.m. in France) – Franco Da Bianco / Maximiliano Arce Simo vs Leonel Daniel Aguirre /Adrian Allemandi

To follow the matches, it's just below:

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