We predicted it yesterday, Gonzalo Alfonso and Federico Chiostri fell in the eighth of the Grand Master of Mar del Plata. It passes for the other favorites of the tournament.

Chiostri/Alfonso cracks

We had already seen them staggering, dogged by injuries, Chiostri and Alfonso couldn't hold on on Thursday. Opposed to the very in-form pair Del Moral / Frugoni, the former No. 1 will not be able to fight for the title in Mar del Plata. The disappointment was great at the end of the meeting.

The other surprise was the defeat of Juan Restivo and Andrés Britos facing Santellan/Peiron. Orphan of her COMPI Pablo Barrera, the Italo-Argentinian could not play at his best level.

Tito Allemandi / Tolito Aguirre and Franco Dal Bianco / Maxi Arce continue their duel from a distance. These two pairs seem above the lot. In case of victory of the two pairs in quarters, they would find themselves in semi-finals!

The results of the eighth

9h: Rodrigo Santellan / Fabricio peiron 6-3 / 7-5 Juan Restivo / Andres Alberto Britos

10h30: Juan Pablo Dip Nazar / Pablo Nicolas Egea 2-6 / 6-4 / 1-6 Alex Valentino Chozas / Miguel Fonseca Oliveira

12h: Jose Luis Gonzalez Rodriguez / Antonio Luque Aragon 6-3 / 6-0 Pedro Santiago Castaneyra / Martin abud

13h30: Agustin Torre / Diego Ramos 6-3 / 6-3 Matias Almada / Amilcar Gaston Bejarano

16h: Leonel Daniel Aguirre / Adrian Allemandi 6-1 / 7-5 Maximiliano Sanchez Blasco / Facundo Dominguez

17h30: Miguel Deus / Nuno deus 4-6 / 6-4 / 6-7 Julio Julianoti / Yain Melgratti Seu

19h: Franco Da Bianco / Maximiliano Arce Simo 6-2 / 7-6 Facundo Lopez / Joaquin Mauro Gaitan

20h30: Matias Del Moral / Santiago Frugoni Zavala 7-6 / 7-5 Federico Chiostri / Gonzalo Gabriel Alfonso

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