Jostled, manhandled by Luque / Gonzalez, Tito Allemandi and Tolito Aguirre were able to react and qualify for the last four of the Grand Master of Mar del Plata.

What a duel!

Once again, Antonio Luque and Jose Luis Gonzalez go down in a three-set match against one of the top two pairs in the APT Padel Round. The Spaniards had an excellent first set, in which Antonio Luque sometimes dominated Tolito Aguirre in his diagonal.

With the tie-break in hand, it seemed like the day to end Tito and Tolito's 10-game winning streak over the APT. But once again, the Argentinians were able to react by erasing the faults in their game. Tito on a cloud and Tolito in “magia” mode allowed the Argentinian pair to pass over their opponents in the second and third.

Germani / Aguirre will therefore find Franco Dal Bianco and Maxi Arce who won without trembling against Torre / Ramos.

On the other side of the table, it will finally be Chozas/Oliveira and Melgratti/Julianoti who will fight for a place in the final after their respective victories over Peiron/Santellan and Del Moral/Frugoni.


The results of quarts

Alex Chozas – Miguel Oliveira7-5/6-4 Fabricio Peiron – Rodrigo Santellan
Yain Melgratti – Julio Julianoti 6-4/4-6/6-3
Matias Del Moral – Santiago Frugoni
Leonel Aguirre – Adrian Allemandi 6-7 / 6-2 / 6-4
Antonio Luque – Jose Luis Gonzalez
Franco Dal Bianco – Maxi Arce 7-6 / 6-3 A
Gustin Torre – Diego Ramos

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