As is often the case when there is a break between professional tournaments, we see a small wave of separations.

This concerns the gentlemen, and as you go the two pairs who played the leading roles during the World Padel Tour amsterdam open.

Indeed, Alex Arroyo and Gonzalo Rubio, Coello and Tapia slayers, have decided to end their association. Same thing for Juan Cruz Belluati and Javi Ruiz, who also reached the quarters in the Netherlands, even taking a set from competition winners Stupa and Di Nenno. If the timing may seem odd for the two duos, who have just produced very good performances, the decision had already been made before the tournament.

It's also over between Edu Alonso and Miguel Benitez, who only played two tournaments together, they who were at the base supposed to finish the season together. We imagine that Alonso and Arroyo, who are friends in life and who are registered together in the FIP Star of Perugia, are expected to announce their association soon.

separation also among young Ayats and Guerrero, who after starting their common stage in the previas, started in the main draw in Holland. Who will we see them continue with in 2023? Response in the coming days!

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