In the world of padel, performance and comfort are paramount. Babolat, recognized for its expertise in sports equipment, presents its latest innovation: the Jet Premura shoe Padel. This new version is distinguished by a design that rethinks the standards of the shoe of padel.

Optimized breathability

The Jet Premura Padel incorporates two large ventilation windows on the upper and a perforated sole. This advanced design improves breathability and limits overheating, providing maximum comfort, whether during training or intense matches. In addition, socks Babolat Motion, designed to work in synergy with the Jet Premura, ensures long-lasting breathing and comfort.

Babolat 2024

Lightness and support

The shoe benefits from a lighter structure thanks to the use of Matryx technology, while ensuring effective support for the foot. This combination provides an increased lightweight feel on the court, without compromising the stability needed during play.

Comfort and flexibility

The sole, developed in partnership with Michelin, offers an ideal balance between cushioning, flexibility and durability. The KPRSX system, designed to protect the heel area, absorbs shock effectively. The additional grooves in the forefoot and the tread pattern specific to the padel guarantee remarkable grip and fluidity of movement.

Matryx 2.0 and 360° Flex

Matryx 2.0, an exclusive and patented fabric developed by Babolat in collaboration with Chamatex, offers reinforced stability thanks to rigid mono-filament straps. 360° Flex technology meets the flexibility needs of padel by combining flexion notches on the sole with a flexion zone (Matryx Micro) on the upper of the shoe, allowing total freedom of movement.

Babolat 2024