When we think of Babolat, we think of tennis. However, the famous brand was one of the pioneers in the padel. Relive the story of Babolat, from his first steps in sport until today!


A year after the rules of tennis were established by Walter Clopton Wingfield, Babolat creates the first natural gut strings. Babolat then becomes the first company specializing in racquet sports. This is the beginning of his adventure!


After using sheep and then cow intestines, Babolat is working to find a lasting alternative to meet the requirements (stronger tension, thinner rope) of the first tennis champions. In 1925, Albert, who succeeded his father, created the VS reference. A natural, revolutionary string, made famous by the French tennis Musketeers (Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, René Lacoste and Henri Cochet) and Suzanne Lenglen.

Nearly 100 years later, the VS is a world reference: more than 100 Grand Slams have been won by champions equipped with tubulars. Babolat VS.


Yannick Noah wins Roland-Garros against Mats Wilander, both playing with the VS string. Yannick becomes an icon in France and around the world. The associated success is resounding.


The year 1994 represents a turning point in the history of the brand. After more than a century dedicated to the world of stringing and racket accessories, Babolat launches its first range of tennis frames. With the creation of a complete range including the Pure Drive, Pierre Babolat invents an extraordinary racket, synonymous with a new style of play throughout the world. First launched in France, they were quickly marketed in Spain (1995), Italy (1996), Austria (1997) and Germany (1998). Before covering the world market, Japan in 1999 and the United States in 2000. Since then, the Pure Drive has become iconic, and the best-selling racket in the world.


Equipped with his blue racket, the Pure Drive, Carlos Moya dominated the clay court season with success in Monaco, Rome and especially at Roland-Garros. The Spaniard offers the first title of Grand Chelem to a racket Babolat. He will become world number 1 in March 1999. The two junior winners Fernando Gonzalez (CHI) and Kim Clijsters (BEL) are also equipped with rackets Babolat and will soon be champions visible to the general public. After more than 100 grand slams in stringing, the victories of the executives Babolat mark the start of a new era for the brand.


Always on the lookout for new trends in racquet sports, Babolat sees the rise of a sport related to tennis: tennis padel. The brand is creating its first pala in addition to existing accessories and supporting the growth of this sport.


Creation of the yellow ball: the know-how Babolat asserts itself again in this year 2001, date of launch of the brand's tennis balls. A new important step in engaging with athletes through clubs and tournaments around the world.


In partnership with the famous French brand Michelin, a world tire expert, the company is launching, under the leadership of Eric Babolat, his first tennis shoes. The association of the two specialists, experts in their field, offers an undeniable guarantee of technical quality to the products. The first range of textiles Babolat was created to equip lovers on club grounds. From now on, Babolat offers all the equipment for badminton, tennis and tennis players padel.

Along with shoes and textiles, Babolat continues to innovate with the presentation of the racket with aerodynamics adapted to the modern game: the Babolat Aeropro Drive.

Andy Roddick (USA) and Kim Clijsters (BEL), are ATP and WTA world No. 1 with their racket Babolat Pure Drive, a first in the history of tennis for a brand


Babolat launches its first pair of shoes padel.


In December 2017, Juan LeBron, Spanish player sponsored by Babolat, becomes the first world No. 1 in padel.


What a year for Spanish player Juan LeBron! In addition to winning his first world championship title with Spain and his first Masters, Juan also finished the year world number 1 for the 3rd consecutive time. An offensive player with his Technical Viper racket, Juan dominates the game more than ever padel world with his compatriot Ale Galan. 


Babolat launches its first complete collection intended for women and inaugurates the Babolat Padel Studio.

The following ? It also promises to be exciting, as Eric explains to us. Babolat !

Amance Redondy

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