The Jet Premura 2 is one of the benchmark shoes in the world of padel. And if you don't take our word for it, you can always ask our tester Stéphane Penso !

This ultra-light shoe specially designed for the practice of padel is notably equipped with a unique sole, resulting from a collaboration with the French tire manufacturer Michelin. In addition to this, the Jet Premura 2 is packed with technologies which notably ensure support, comfort, breathability, lightness and cushioning.

For this new year, two colors are available: first we find the white of the special version of Juan Lebrón, which notably features the logo of the man nicknamed “El Lobo”.

For those who would prefer a slightly less summery color, the Jet Premura 2 2024 is also available in a black and gray color, with subtle touches of pink.

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