Return to competition with a victory for Yanguas / Belasteguin, but also a last tournament together for both players. Indeed, at the end of the match against Quilez / Bueno, Bela announces that the association will not be renewed in 2024, as if it were obvious.

Both players have had their ups and downs, and reading between the lines of the Argentinian's words, he doesn't seem to be mentally 100%.

“Today I entered the court with the respect and affection I have for Mike for our last tournament together. When I'm on the pitch, I always try to give my best. But as I already told you, I'm a little sad to have beaten two friends, Marc (Quilez) and Tony, (Bueno) because they really wanted to play this tournament in Milan and the truth is that since yesterday , I do not feel very good."

According to several corroborating sources, Fernando Belasteguin should play with Lucho Capra in 2024, a left-hander who shared the track in 2023 with Maxi Sanchez until his operation.

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Franck Binisti

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