Benjamin Tison takes the reins of the high level padel to the French Tennis Federation. This appointment marks his international retirement and the end of his career as number 1 of the national team. Interview.

A dream job

“Wednesday morning, December 13, I made an important decision: I accepted an incredible offer to become the senior manager padel at the FFT. This is, for me, the dream job, and I intend to give back to the padel everything he gave me, and to contribute to its development.”

A general mission at the high level of padel

“My role will cover everything concerning the high level, whether among young people or adults, including the choice of selectors and the creation of the CNE padel. My knowledge of padel and Spain, I think, will be a major asset in structuring the padel in France."

Aitor understood, even if he was disappointed

“Today I announced to Aitor Garcia our separation. He understood my decision, although he was understandably disappointed, especially given our recent results.”

Aitor Garcia Ben Tison

A difficult decision to make

“Being at the peak of my career, this decision was not easy. I spent many sleepless nights thinking, but I think I made the right choice. I am very motivated to take on this formidable challenge.”

An earlier shutdown than expected

“After discussing it at length with my coaches, my father and Alix, I came to the conclusion that I still had a little room left, but that I would probably never make the Top 30. Again, it was this position that led me to quit earlier than planned.”

European disappointments

“The moments of great disappointment were the European Championships in Italy, where I could not give my best due to an injury, and our poor performance with Adrien Maigret at the European Games.”

‌The separation with Teo Zapata

“People sometimes ask me if I regret my separation from Teo Zapata. I do not think so. In reality, it was a good decision for both of us. We spent almost a year and a half together, which is significant in the padel modern where changes of partners are frequent. Teo is the player I have spent the most time with on the professional circuit. We remained friends, even though our adventure together had come to an end.”

Tison Zapata Toulouse 2022 farewell

Some regrets with Marc Quilez

“My regret is with Marc Quilez. Although he played very well, I never managed to play my best padel with him, which is a shame.”

The best memories

“My first main draw in World Padel Tour from Vigo with Teo Zapata in 2021 holds a special place in my heart. It was a time when the tables were extremely competitive, and participating in them was already a big victory, especially for a Frenchman. The following year, we continued with Teo: main draw in Miami, then again in Vigo. These were very good times. In 2022, this round of XNUMX in Milan with Facundo Domingo, and this year, this superb eighth at the Decathlon Amsterdam Open in World Padel Tour with Clément Geens, were highlights.”

“With Teo, Facundo, Clément and Aitor Garcia, I achieved incredible results.”

The end of the France team

“Given the nature of my new position, I don't think I will play on the international circuit or in major French events, but I will certainly continue to play with my friends and in small tournaments. I can't choose the selectors and play at the same time, so I will have another role to play. Of course, this is going to be a huge miss.

Leaving the French team and all the emotions as a player, as well as the feeling of stopping at the top, is not easy. But life is made of choices. So, without any regrets, on the contrary, I look forward to starting this new adventure as soon as possible!”

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.