Camille Sireix, 25, is a talented ex-tennis player who has the ambition to become one of the next headliners of the padel French. Interview.

" I love all the emotions that are shared and all the search for solutions as a team "

Padel Magazine – Camille, can you introduce yourself or tell us how you find yourself in the padel ?

Camille : “My name is Camille, I am 25 years old, I come from Paris and I am an ex-15 in tennis. I have a somewhat atypical background because I got involved in tennis abroad while continuing my studies at Paris-Dauphine. 

I already loved doubles in tennis and I was serving and volleying in singles with a lot of hits, so when I discovered the padel, I immediately had a blast!

It was my lifelong tennis coach Patrick Tachet who introduced me to padel eight months ago. What really attracted me was playing two on the pitch with all the mental and tactical aspects that go with it. I love all the emotions that are shared and all the search for solutions as a team. In addition, on a physical level, I really like the explosive side of this sport via smashes and the many races, I have the impression of expressing myself completely! Together, we really had a lot of fun and he too fell in love with this sport! "

A beneficial stay last July in Pablo Ayma's academy!

Padel Magazine – Do you have a project in the padel, and do you train a lot?

Camille : “In France, I trained little but I played a lot. I wanted to try an intensive course in Spain in Pablo Ayma's academy in July to progress and I liked it a lot! So I decided to go back there for the 2022-2023 season. I am based in Barcelona and I train with Xavi Figols. I share my adventure on my Instagram account: (@camille.sireix) if you want to follow me!

For the moment, I alternate between individual training, to progress technically on the basics, and collective training to be able to set up my game and develop the tactical aspects. I'm still looking forward to competing with the other girls at the tournaments as soon as possible!

Concerning the competition precisely, I have still played little in French women's tournaments since until now, I have almost only played in men's tournaments.

I'm a pretty aggressive lefty player in all aspects of my game. I'm still exploring on the partner side to find a girl to move up the leaderboard with. Currently, I don't have a fixed partner yet."

Adjustment difficulties related to tennis

Padel Magazine : What is the most difficult for you? What are the aspects of the game that you work on the most, your strong points, your weak points?

Camille : “Don't stop playing when the ball passed me. I'm starting to understand it but I still stop sometimes. Tennis has really left its mark on me!

I also work a lot on the after-glass defense. It's the most complicated for me knowing that I like to block before the glass, but hey, you have to let the ball pass from time to time! What also changes with tennis is the preparation. As soon as you manage to properly prepare a blow to the padel, it makes a huge difference in your level of play. 

By cons on the fly and in the air I have fun! These are shots that, although a little different, are more familiar to me and remind me of the doubles in tennis. Of course I had never done viboras or par 4's before and I'm working those shots. The par 3 is my favorite shot with the drop shot and all the little balls in the feet!

Finally, my weak point is tactical management, which I don't fully master, and my strong point, I think, is the two-player game. I like the idea of ​​being a team and all that that entails.”

“I would like to be able to join the France team as soon as I have proven myself”

Padel Magazine : What are your ambitions in France, abroad ?

Camille : “In France, I would like to be able to do the big tournaments and be among the best players. I would also like to be able to join the France team as soon as I have proven myself. I was a player for the French tennis team and it was one of my best experiences, I hope to be able to relive it in padel !

Abroad, I will surely play on the Catalan circuit to start trying to compete with Spanish and foreign players. It's a circuit where there are a lot of very good players and that can be formative for me. Of course, I'm thinking of playing on the WPT or the FIPs, but everything in its time! "

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