CASHBACK is a big novelty at Padel Magazine. For the contributors et great fans de Padel Magazine, you have the possibility to have your purchase related to the padel.

How does it work ?

CASH BACK is a game totally free. He is speaking to to fans and readers of Padel Magazine who follow the site and who play the game as contributors to the site for the amount of their choice.

We offer games and contests throughout the year that allow the winners to be reimbursed for their purchase. padelistic.

What purchases?

The winner can be reimbursed up to the entirety of his purchase related to the padel. This purchase can take many forms:

  • Reimbursement of hours of ski runs padel in a club
  • Refund of equipment bought in a club or on a website
  • Reimbursement of software
  • Reimbursement of a purchase related to land of padel

The purchase must have been made only at Partners who participate in the CASH BACK of Padel Magazine.

Good news: they are very new. Do not hesitate to ask them just before the purchase.

cash back purchases padel refunded

Date of reimbursement?

When the lucky winner has been announced on the site and / or on social networks, he then 30 days from this announcement to make a purchase related to padel at one of the partners who participate in the CASH BACK of Padel Magazine.

To find out if your purchase is made from one of our partners who are part of the CASH BACK game, just see on the seller's site, the label below:

CASH BACK logo refunded purchase

Method of reimbursement

If the purchase was made from one partners participating in CASH BACK, then the winner can see his purchase fully or partially reimbursed if the purchase amount is greater than the amount won.

Example: the winner won € 100 refund

  • If his purchase is 50 €, then he will be refunded 50 €
  • If his purchase is 90 €, then he will be refunded 90 €
  • If his purchase is 100 €, then he will be refunded 100 €
  • If his purchase is 200 €, he will then be reimbursed for 100 €

The winner must send by email no later than 30 days after the day of the announcement of the win with:

  • a copy of the invoice to contact
  • his RIB for a refund by bank transfer.

For who ?

CASH BACK is a game aimed at contributors and super fans of padel Magazine on Facebook.

The winner must therefore combine these 2 caps, be:

  • A CONTRIBUTOR Padel Magazine.

The site is 100% free. More than 650.000 readers have already taken advantage of the site in 2020.

In the landscape of padel, Padel Magazine is one of the few media offering you national and international news 7/7.

By contributing to the site, you are contributing to your sport, but also to the life of the site.

This is why CASH BACK is aimed at all those who play the game. And we are counting on YOU!

How can you contribute to your site and help it continue to promote our sport? Click HERE.

Whatever the validated amount, you become a contributor Padel Magazine.

  • A great Facebook FAN

A super FAN is someone who follows the facebook page Padel Magazine and who likes, comments on the news or shares posts.

Basically, he's a “real thing”, a lover of padel who follows us regularly.

To get the SUPER FAN badge on facebook, just follow the news padel on Facebook, and you will get it very quickly.

To find out if you have the badge, just drop a message on a post Padel Magazine, and you will see theSuper fan badge just above your name.

super fan facebook badge

You can also consult the list of SUPERS FANS   HERE


  1. The amounts linked to the CASH BACK can vary from 50 € to 200 € depending on the games posted by Padel Magazine on social networks and on the site.
  2. The refund is made in relation to 1 single invoice during a purchase
  3. The reimbursement is made in relation to our participating partners. Note that if the purchase relates directly or indirectly to a product, brand or service that is not a partner, the refund will not be made.
  4. Padel Magazine can modify all or part of the game according to the evolution of CASH BACK
  5. Padel Magazine may ban Facebook SUPERS FANS from the game without justification
  6. The games take place approximately every two months. Around 6 contests are planned per year. But it can change.
  7. The participating partners are those who have the CASH BACK label and redirect to this page.

Like, comment, share, contribute and play!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.