Fede Chingotto, Ale Galan's new partner, has a totally different profile from Juan Lebron. And this is seen in these statistics linked to smashes since the start of the season (source Pade Intelligence).

Indeed, Juan Lebron had previously averaged 17 smashes per match for a slightly higher efficiency than Chingotto. For a right-handed and right-handed player, he is the most aggressive in this position.

We can clearly see that the profiles of the Spaniard and the Argentine therefore have nothing to do with each other, and Galan will have to show that he is capable of playing as well and winning titles, even with a Chingotto who will attack a lot minus the bullets.

lebron chingotto analysis

What is interesting to analyze here is that Lebron smashes more than right-handed players like Tapia, Momo, and even the left-handed Coello or Perino. We therefore understand why such an aggressive profile on the right like Lebron is so appreciated and considered, when the mentality is there, as the best player in the world on the right.

Franck Binisti

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