It was written: The 10e edition of the French Paddle Open was a huge success and saw the reigning French champions and Argentinian champions lift the Dominique Baudis Cup. Back on these finals and surprises ...

Laura Clergue and Audrey Casanova still on top

FINAL OPEN OF FRANCE OF PADEL 2016In France, the French padel champions and European team padel champion leave only crumbs to their opponents. For the ladies, in the final, it was the classic: Geraldine Sorel / Sandy Godard Vs Laura Clergue and Audrey Casanova.

Sorel / Godard, the pair vice-champion of France, always in ambush, a dangerous and regular pair but who most often stuck face the French numbers 1. This was the case this Sunday losing in 2 sets 6 / 2 6 / 3.

It must be said that everything seemed to lock. Audrey Casanova offered very few opportunities in her diagonal while Laura Clergue hit hard.

Video of the ladies final:

Argentina 3 - France 0 in the men

There was only one Argentine pair in the male table. But the Lara / Capitani pair has been above everyone else.

FINAL OPEN OF FRANCE OF PADELIn the final, Ritz / Moreau came out of a very tough match against the French champions Scatena / Haziza won the super tie-break 12-10. An exploit that calls others when we see these two players in the field.

2 hours later, it was necessary to put the cover, in the final against the big favorites of the tournament: Lara / Capitani. Despite a serious match, the level difference was too great in this final and hope to see the Argentine pair beaten. Especially since they did not lose a set during the entire tournament and it was displayed on this very fresh final with an average of 4 games lost per game.

The pair Fouquet / Ferrandez, however, delivered a big game against the Argentine quarter-final. A special mention for the pair Biegel / Salles who resisted well against the Argentine half.

Video of the men's final:

The match of the tournament: Moreau / Rtiz Vs Scatena / Haziza

This is certainly the match of the tournament with a match that ended at the super tie-break and an incredible suspense. The French padel champions were the favorites in the upper part of the tournament to reach the final especially after the abandonment of the Spanish pair, world junior champion, Éric Ginel / David Quiroz. But it was not counting a huge Jérémy Rtiz, the watchmaker of the team and Maxime Moreau with shots of genis. The match will be soon online on the Youtube channel of padel Magazine

Claude Baigts: "the 2017 season is already starting"

The 2016 padel Open de France was a huge success. This 10e edition calls others. Moreover Claude Baights, the director of the tournament has already planned the 11e edition next year. The city of Toulouse, during the ceremony has also confirmed.

Sports Minister Patrick Kanner and MP Laurence Arrbagé make the show

Patrick Kanner, the Minister of Sports, also made the trip and ensured the show by exchanging a few balls on the court, accompanied by a charming teammate in the person of Laurence Arribagé, sports assistant at Toulouse City Hall

Sports Minister Patrick Kanner and Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, Laurence Arribagé also tried the padel before the men's final. Would a new mixed pair be born?


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