Surprise this afternoon on Instagram with Lorena Rufo who announces the end of her collaboration with Alix Collombon. Amazing news since less than a month ago, the Lyonnaise said she was thinking of starting 2024 with the Spaniard. But the French number 1, who knows that changes can happen overnight, did not fail to specify: “If I have learned one thing this year, it is that in the padel, it goes very quickly. So, I can’t say 100% that we will play together next season.”

And she did well to express some reservations since today we learn of the end of the collaboration between the two young women.

With the announcement of the retirement of the Alayeto twins, there is a place to be taken in the Top 8. Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz, who need no introduction, still remain very competitive, but they have less of their former regularity and the players ranked at the end of the Top 20 tell themselves that they have more than ever a chance to play.

We can therefore think that in this context, Lorena Rufo preferred to bet on a new partner than to remain in a certain continuity with Alix. Who will be Lorena’s lucky one? For the moment, it's difficult to know, but we know that several players have not yet announced anything. We can think of Claudia Fernandez or Victoria Iglesias in the event that Lorena would like to try the adventure again on the right side…

For Alix, we imagine that it's a small disappointment, but the current 22nd in the FIP ranking should have no trouble finding a well-ranked partner!

We should know more in the coming days.

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