The French Tennis Federation is delighted to the announcement, made yesterday by the President of the Republic, of the local sports equipment development plan, which provides for the creation of 5 sports infrastructures. Under this program, the State will help finance the construction of 000 new padel on the horizon 2024.

“Affiliated with the FFT since 2014, the padel is a booming discipline. The number of players continues to increase and now stands at nearly 245 players (including 000 regular players and about 130 licensees), for whom there are 955 tracks of padel spread over 411 clubs.

The enthusiasm for this fun and convivial discipline is very strong and the support of the State will make it possible to meet the growing demand of practitioners of all generations. Currently, in terms of equipment rate, our country is at 125 regular practitioners per track padel (compared to 25 per court, in tennis). The acceleration of equipment is therefore a major issue, across France, placed at the heart of the development project led by the FFT in conjunction with all players in the ecosystem. Padel.

The most advanced regions at this stage are Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, with a field of padel for about 30 inhabitants; others such as Ile de France, Brittany or Center-Val de Loire (with land for around 000 inhabitants or more) are on the contrary called for a particularly strong acceleration of their capacities in the years to come. ”

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